Jazz Weekly WhatsApp and SMS Package

  • 1500

SMS to All Networks

  • 25

MB of Internet Data
(WhatsApp Only)

  • 7 Days


  • Rs.30

Including taxes

Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly Description

Are you searching for an amazing offer that allows you to use WhatsApp throughout the week? Jazz weekly WhatsApp package offers you the exact package you are looking for. The weekly package provides you with uninterrupted Network support of Jazz with unlimited SMS offers on the same. With this offer, you can stay in touch with your friends and family through texting, sharing videos and pictures.

Jazz WhatsApp package weekly offers a 25 MB WhatsApp bundle and 1500 SMS on Sim for only Rs. 30, including tax. The data is enough to support your little needs like exchanging messages, cheering audio calls, voice notes, etc. You cannot use these 25 MB data for browsing like YouTube videos, Facebook, and Instagram scrolling.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp and SMS Package Activation Code

Jazz weekly WhatsApp package offers outstanding services that are easy to subscribe to. You don’t have to go through any challenging procedures. Dial the code *101*1*07#. The offer gets subscribed after the confirmation message. You have to wait a minute or more for this confirmation message. After that, you are free to use this WhatsApp bundle as required.

Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly Check Code

After subscribing to the weekly WhatsApp package Jazz, if you want to check the bundle details, how much data you have used, and how much remains, you can even dial a code to find the status details. The status code for this offer is *101*2*07#. This status-checking code will be helpful, and you can use data as per the provided information.

Deactivation Code

Additionally, if you want to unsubscribe from Jazz weekly WhatsApp package and are not getting a fruitful result, dial the unsubscription code *101*4*07#.

Review of the Weekly WhatsApp Package Jazz

I have personally used the Jazz WhatsApp package weekly, and I feel that it is a good option for those who are fond of using text messages. Nowadays WhatsApp is the main texting app that people mostly use and for that, this package offers 25MB of data as well. Although I don’t think that it’s enough but for people who still use text messages, whom I believe are huge in numbers even now, this package is a good choice.

I would suggest you to try out the daily WhatsApp & SMS Offer and the monthly WhatsApp package by Jazz as well. And you can also find the other Jazz weekly internet bundles on our website.


  • Almost unlimited text messages
  • Very affordable package
  • Hassle-free subscription
  • An SMS offer but 25 MBs of WhatsApp is an addon 


  • Only 25 MBs for WhatsApp
  • Limited time offer only valid for seven days

Terms & Conditions

  • You can subscribe to this offer multiple times, more than once a week.
  • The bundle may get interrupted by Network support sometimes because it means various factors, including your sim format, time of the day, web page assessment, etc.
  • If you are up to the checking code, Rs 0.06 will be deducted every time you will check for your offer validity.
  • Generally, RS 2.25 per MB and taxes apply for each incentive obtained during the offer validity time.
  • As I stated above, the jazz WhatsApp package weekly is a limited-time offer, so this offer might get changed or include updates with time.


The Jazz Weekly Whatsapp and SMS package is available across all regions and can be subscribed to by dialing *101*1*07#.

Not 20, but for Rs.30, we have the Jazz Weekly WhatsApp and SMS Package offering 1500 SMS along with 25 MB data for WhatsApp.

The subscription code for Jazz Weekly SMS and WhatsApp Package is *101*1*07#.

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