Jazz Weekly SMS Package

  • 1500

SMS to All Networks

  • 25

MB of Internet Data
(WhatsApp only)

  • 7 Days


  • Rs.30

Including taxes

Jazz Weekly SMS Package Description

In today’s world, where everyone wants internet packages, it has become difficult for people who love texting and prefer messaging over voice and video calls to find an affordable and reliable network package. Don’t worry, Jazz has got you covered! Introducing the Jazz SMS Package Weekly – the perfect solution to all your texting needs.

The package offers a 1500 SMS limit and 25 MB of data for Whatsapp for just Rs. 30, including taxes. The validity is for 7 days with an unrestricted connectivity limit. You can skip a long process to subscribe to this weekly offer. It has an exact method to subscribe.

NOTE: The 25 MB data is only workable for WhatsApp.

Jazz Weekly SMS Offer Activation Code

The process of activation stands by simplified code *101*1*07#. If you are a text lover, this code would be your key to treasure. Just Dial the jazz sms packages code on your speed dial and await confirmation. Within 30 seconds to 1 minute, you will get the confirmation message, and after that, you are free to use your SMS bundle along with 25 MB of WhatsApp data.

An alternative method to subscribe to Jazz weekly sms package code is through IVR. Dial 3111 on the speed dial; when the IVR begins, you have to press 3 and, later, 2 as per the operator’s instructions. After that offer will be subscribed.

Jazz Weekly SMS Package Check Code

You have the advantage of checking the status and the information code ensuring that you get the correct details of the offer. You can use the code *101*3*07# to learn more about jazz weekly sms pkg. Although describing this offer to determine how much data bundle or SMS you are left with, you must dial *101*2*07#.

The most simplified method to unsubscribe from jazz weekly sms offers is by the code. The deactivation code is *101*4*07#. If not manageable, you can unsubscribe before the seven days or validity period.

My Review of Jazz SMS Package Weekly

I am an avid texter and loved the weekly SMS package offered by Jazz. My experience with this package is highly positive. I recommend this jazz weekly sms offer to others who only want text communications because it is excellent value for your money, affordable and economical, and provides an endless amount of SMS messages as well as some WhatsApp data (if needed in case).


  • Highly convenient for text lovers
  • Economical and budget friendly
  • Sufficient amount of SMS
  • Lasts for a whole week 


  • Voice and video calls are not allowed
  • No call minutes
  • No data apart from 25 MB for WhatsApp

Terms & Conditions

  • You can subscribe to the Jazz weekly sms pkg more than one time (multiple subscriptions accessibility)
  • To dial status code RS. 0.06 will be charged.
  • This Jazz weekly sms is only available in the network areas which support 2G, 3G, or 4G
  • Offer may be changed or varies with time
  • As a General term, RS 1.2 per MB will be charged for internet bundle offers.
  • Internet speed is legging due to timers of the day, the same services, or other simultaneous factors.


You can subscribe to the Jazz SMS Package Weekly by dialing *101*1*07#. To subscribe to the package through IVR, check out the details in the activation code section.

By dialing *101*1*07#, you can subscribe to Jazz SMS Package Weekly which offers 1500 SMS and 25MB data from WhatsApp. The package lasts for an entire week.

By subscribing to this offer, the users can have presides access to SMS and data Bundle for around seven days.

To deactivate the subscribed offer, you are required to dial *101*4*07#.

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