Jazz Sargodha Offer Weekly

  • 3000

On-Net Minutes

  • 30

Off-Net Minutes

  • 3000

SMS to All Networks

  • 3

GB of Internet Data
(WhatsApp & IMO)

  • 7 Days


  • Rs.120

Including taxes

Jazz Sargodha Offer Description

Jazz Sargodha weekly offer is one of the most exclusive packages available for the residents of Sargodha, Punjab. This offer provides a unique bundle of on-net and off-net minutes, SMS, and a data bundle that is used throughout the week without interruption. Customers rely on this data package because of its convenience and general allocation for the area of Sargodha. 

To the residents of Sargodha, Jazz Sargodha offer provides 3000 MB of internet data along with 3000 minutes and SMS for the Jazz network. Additionally, people will enjoy 30 network minutes for all those connections which do not belong to the Jazz network. All these things would be enjoyable in just Rs.120 inc. taxes for the entire week (7 Days).

NOTE: The offer is only available for the residents of Bhalwal and Sargodha and is also famous as Jazz Bhalwal Offer.

Sargodha Offer Jazz Activation Code

Sargodha offer Jazz can be subscribed to by dialing the code *627#. After dialing the code on speed dial, the user will see a confirmation message that can be received within a minute or two. Still, before that, you must ensure you have enough credit in your Jazz Sim to follow up on all the confirmation procedures.

Jazz Sargodha Offer Check Code

To find out the remaining incentive details of the offer, users are provided with the convenient option of checking the status. The status check code for this offer is *627*2#. It will show up a pop-up notification on the screen that provides information about the leftover data of this package.

Deactivation Code

No deactivation code is provided for this offer as such. It will automatically end after 7 days. As the offer is non-recursive i.e. offer does not resubscribe automatically, so there’s no need to worry about unsubscribing the offer.

My Review of the Jazz Bhalwal Offer

Honestly speaking, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit any of the 2 cities i.e. Bhalwal and Sargodha, so I have not tried the packages myself. But, by looking at the incentives this package offers and after going through some reviews online I can say that for just 120 pkr, this offer indeed is a bang for your buck and if you are a resident of Sargodha or Bhalwal, you must avail it.

In case you live in the southern Punjab side of Pakistan, in cities like Gujrat, Lalamusa, Jhelum, etc. I would recommend you try out the Haftawar Jazz Punjab Offer. You can also check out Jazz Pakistan’s other weekly net packages on our website.


  • All in one package
  • Extremely economical
  • Sufficient amount of MBS.
  • Easy and uninterrupted downloading
  • Convenient and authentic
  • Complete week support


  • The Offer can not be deactivated
  • Only available in Sargodha and Bhalwal city

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer is subject to change at any time.
  • There will be no charge for call set-up activity
  • Offer is only available for citizens of Sargodha and Bhalwal
  • You can Subscribe to this offer more than once ever you are in need after the expiration of the already subscribed offer
  • As stated earlier, this offer is only valid for people in significant areas.
  • It is a non-recursive offer
  • The incentive will be added to the subscription while dialing the subscription code


To get the Jazz Sargodha and Bhalwal Offer, dial the subscription code on your phone i.e. *627#.

You can check the details and status of the subscribed offer by dialing the code *627*2#.

Only the resident of Sargodha and Bhalwal can avail or seek benefit from this offer.

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