Jazz Infinity Browser

  • 3

GB of Internet Data

  • 30 Days


  • Rs.260

Including taxes

Jazz Infinity Browser Description

Attention, internet enthusiasts! Jazz presents an unbeatable deal: 30 days of non-stop browsing pleasure! Get ready to explore the web like never before! Jazz Pakistan brings to you the Infinity Browser package, a mobile data package that offers its users unlimited internet access. This package is perfect for users who love to browse the web, stream videos, and use social media on their mobile devices.

Once activated, the Jazz Infinity Browser package allows you to browse the internet for the whole month. and it is not limited to certain apps but can be utilized for all apps as well as web browsing. The Infinity Browser Jazz package offers 3GB of internet data for 30 days at Rs.260, including tax. To activate this package on your number, users must have a recharge of at least 299 PKR in their account.

NOTE: Because it offered 2GB internet before the recent update, it was also known as the Jazz 2GB Internet Package.

Activation Code For Infinity Browser Jazz

To subscribe to the Jazz Infinity Browser package on your number is fairly simple. Users are required to dial in a code to activate the package. The code to subscribe to the Jazz monthly Infinity browser package is *709#. After you dial the code, users will have to wait for the confirmation/activation message once the text is received, your infinity browser package is ready to use.

Deactivation Code for Jazz Infinity Browser Package

To deactivate and unsubscribe to the  Jazz monthly browser package on your number, you again have to dial a code. The code to deactivate the Jazz monthly infinity package is *709*4#. The offer is non-recursive and needs to be subscribed again after expiration. The following codes can be used for the package information: 

  • To check the remaining status: *709*2#
  • To check package info: *709*3#

My Review

According to my experience, the Jazz Infinity Browser package is a good option for those who browse the internet for a limited time and are not heavy users. Users get 3GB of internet data for a whole month in rupees 260 PKR. However, 3GB (3000 MBs) of internet data wasn’t enough for me for the entire month, great for a week though.

These MBS can be utilized for chatting and social media calling but will run out soon if one tries to stream videos or download them. Nonetheless, this package is good choice for those who do not use the internet for any significant purpose.

Also, in case you are a night person, I would suggest you to try out the Monthly Extreme Jazz Offer for the same amount which offers 10GB data from 2AM to 2PM for the whole month. You can also checkout other Jazz monthly data bundles on our website as well.


  • Affordable package
  • A Good option for light internet users
  • A dedicated data package solely
  • No extra charges
  • Does not get auto-renewed after expiration


  • Not enough data for heavy internet users considering the whole month 
  • Does not include any network minutes or SMS

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid for jazz prepaid users. 
  • The offer is valid for 30 days. 
  • The package is non-recursive and needs to be subscribed again after expiration. 
  • *709# is the subscription code. 
  • *709*4# is the deactivation code. 
  • The offer is eligible for 2G/3G/4G jazz users. 
  • Internet speed may depend on the network coverage area. 
  • Offer is subject to change at any time.


The charges to subscribe to the Infinity Browser Jazz package are 260 PKR, including tax. Users must have a recharge of at least 299 PKR to avail of this offer

Jazz Pakistan introduced the Infinity Browser offer which includes 3GB of internet data for Rs.260 (including taxes) only.

The deactivation code for the Jazz 2GB internet package now known as the Jazz 3GB internet package is *709*4#.

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